Lola Marsh "You're Mine" (Colin Solal Cardo, dir.)

Lola Marsh - You're Mine

Filmed in the Israeli desert near the Dead Sea, "You're Mine" features Lola Marsh members Yael Shoshana Cohen and Gil Landau seemingly stranded and merely trying to pass the time while grasping with the reality of their situation. And while some location-based videos can seem cheesy, the grandiose nature of their surroundings only seems to amplify the cinematic feel of the song.

Says the band of the video and their opening, hand-clapping shot:

“A couple of days before we shot the video, the director called us and said: ‘I want you to do this clapping game,’ and sent us a video of two little girls playing this kiddie clapping game. It looked easy, but actually we needed to practice it repeatedly. So much so, in fact, that on the day of the shooting, our hands were bruised from all the takes we’ve done. Though if you wake us in the middle of the night, we’ll do this game without even thinking!”


Production Company
Director of Photography
Muriel Archambaud, Colorist