Dan Centrone

As It Is "Cheap Shots & Setbacks" (Dan Centrone, dir.)

“Cheap Shots & Setbacks is without sounding cliche, probably (and hopefully!) our anthem,” says frontman Patty Walters. “It’s about being the underdog but realising that actually it’s everybody else who is the problem. It’s about being proud of who you are and proud of any imperfections you may have. I see so many personal setbacks in hindsight as the only reason I’m here lucky enough to do this today.”

DJ Mustard "Mr. Get Dough" (Dan Centrone, dir.)

Less than 24 hours after premiering his new single “Mr. Get Dough”, DJ Mustard decides to return with the official video for it, calling on Drakeo The Ruler, Choice, and RJ for some assistance.

Directed by Dan Centrone, watch as Mustard and company mob out in front of the homies in this dark and flashy new video. No word yet as for where this will end up, but hopefully the release of this video is indication that a Mustard project is to follow. Time will only tell.