As It Is "Cheap Shots & Setbacks" (Dan Centrone, dir.)

As It Is - Cheap Shots & Setbacks

“Cheap Shots & Setbacks is without sounding cliche, probably (and hopefully!) our anthem,” says frontman Patty Walters. “It’s about being the underdog but realising that actually it’s everybody else who is the problem. It’s about being proud of who you are and proud of any imperfections you may have. I see so many personal setbacks in hindsight as the only reason I’m here lucky enough to do this today.”

“The music video tells the story of two outcast humans who find each other and are wanted in a dystopian robotic world,” the singer adds. “We really wanted the video to represent the lyrical themes of the song and have the two sit side by side. We think it’s definitely our most ambitious music video to date but I think we managed to pull it off! Cheap Shots is one of the slightly more positive songs which proves that even when we’re not miserable we’re still pretty miserable.”