Swiss Army Man Opens June 17 - Directed by Daniels

Imagine an awesonley deranged and flatulent mash-up of Castaway, Weekend Of Bernies and MacGyver (maybe MacGruber?) and you'll have some idea of what to expect in Swiss Army Man — the feature film debut by acclaimed music video auteurs Daniels, which earned the duo Best Directing honors at Sundance.

The movie opens June 17 via A24.

PS: I tried to work in a Damn Daniels joke, but failed. Damn.

Camerimage Cinematography Festival Winners

The annual Camerimage confab wrapped up in Poland this past week, celebrating the best in cinematography.

Winners for the music video competition are: 

Best Music Video

DJ Snake & Lil Jon "Turn Down For What" (Daniels, dir.) Larkin Seiple, cinematographer

Best Cinematography In A Music Video:

Paolo Nutini "Iron Sky" (Daniel Wolfe, dir.) Robbie Ryan, cinematographer

The festivals main honor went to legendary director Jonas Akerlund, who received the Camerimage Award for Outstanding Achievements in the Field of Music Videos.

Joywave "Tongues" (Daniels, Zak Stoltz, dir.) Uncensored Version

Been wondering when the uncensored version of the Daniels x Zak Stoltz "Tongues" video would be unveiled? Here ya go... And, yes, it's totally NSFW...

So, enjoy — but not in public or at work —what starts as an homage to pulp horror flicks, or some random acid-soaked hippie/freak film and then builds into an epic battle between the clothed and unclothed.

Joywave "Tongues" (Daniels, Zak Stoltz, dir.)

You'll be forgiven if at first you assume this is an homage to old horror flicks. Or if you then think it's an homage to some old acid-soaked hippie/freak film. Or, if you go back to your original horror theory. Or, if you dispense with all those guesses, relax, and just let the creative masters Daniels take you into what might instead be an NSFW parable, depicting an epic battle between the clothed and unclothed.

PS: Most of the nudity here is pixelated, so make your own NSFW decision.

Daniels Premieres Interactive Short Possibilia @ Tribeca Film Fest

Is it a sign of the times that one of the buzzier and more interesting events at the Tribeca Film Fest is a pair of interactive short films directed by a team known for groundbreaking music videos?

DANIELS — the geniuses who brough you the crotchtastic "Turn Down For What" video and so much more — teamed with production company Prettybird and interactive video platform Interlude for two short films Possibilia and The Gleam, both premiering today at The Tribeca Film Festival.

Possibilia stars Alex Karpovsky (Girls) and Zoe Jarman (The Mindy Project) as lovers in what's described as " a non-linear, interactive non-break-up break-up story, in which viewers are implicated in not just the story, but Rick and Polly’s relationship as they find themselves able to steer the action and decide how and where the breakup plays out " Meanwhile, The Gleam offers an interactive exploration of Guntersville, AL, through a local newspaper.