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David Wright

Gorgon City x D Double E "Hear That" (Salim Adam, dir.)

This is the latest work from STADIUM, a music video directed by Salim Adam for the latest single, 'Hear That', by Gorgon City ft D Double E. It was all shot on location in London on a 16mm Kodak 7207 250D and Ultra 16s, with AR Steadicam and a few LEDs thrown in. Only 6 rolls of film were used, which was challenging for the director, but forced him to be more considered with his shots.

Fatherson "Always" (Lewis Cater, dir.)

"The video for 'Always' is about viewing reality through rose tinted glasses and the conciquences we face when removing them. The inspiration from this video comes from a certain fashion commercial that was everywhere when I was kid. These series of commercials only showed the glossy side of life, almost robotic in a way. I decided to turn the perfect denim commerical upside down and expose the viewer to a situation that's a much better reflection of society."