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Nicolas Godin "The Foundation" (Greg Barnes, dir.)

Nicolas Godin - The Foundation ft. Cola Boyy (Official Music Video)

Having last month shared ‘The Border’ from his upcoming solo album ‘Concrete and Glass’, Air's Nicolas Godin has now shared a video for new track ‘The Foundation’ which features guest vocals from Cola Boyy.

The accompanying video, directed by Black Dog Films' Greg Barnes and shot on 16mm, plays into the ethereal synth-led track with an interstellar narrative. “The track felt so out-of-this-world and intrepid all at once” said Greg, “the concept of mankind exploring space fell into place almost immediately, and the excitement of creating a sci-fi visual for the song stayed with me throughout the whole process.”

Production Company
Director of Photography
Executive Producer
Harry Morgan, Production Assistant
Jerry Pradon, First Assistant Camera
Leon Psyzora, Gaffer
Will Olds, Art Director
George Oxby, Costume Designer
Rav Matharu, Visual Effects

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