As It Is "Cheap Shots & Setbacks" (Dan Centrone, dir.)

“Cheap Shots & Setbacks is without sounding cliche, probably (and hopefully!) our anthem,” says frontman Patty Walters. “It’s about being the underdog but realising that actually it’s everybody else who is the problem. It’s about being proud of who you are and proud of any imperfections you may have. I see so many personal setbacks in hindsight as the only reason I’m here lucky enough to do this today.”

QUICK CLIP: The Static Jacks "Into The Sun" (Robert Bartolome, dir.)

The internet age renders a "watching TVs on TV" comment not quite on the mark, so this Static Jacks video with performance scattered among a pile of tube televisions feels strangely antique and punk rock. --> watch "Into The Sun"

The Static Jacks"Into The Sun" (Fearless)Robert Bartolome, director | Allison Freitas, producer | Rab Media, production co. | Nathan McGarigal, DP | Deon Phillipps, production designer | Rabid Ego, compositing/VFX