WATCH IT: Jane's Addiction "Underground" (Robert Hales, dir.)

What constitutes 'underground' varies widely, depending on who you ask. Jane's Addiction tackles that question for themselves, with their latest video from director Robert Hales. As one would expect from Perry Farrell and the boys, this version of underground feels debauched — and that is even before we get a peek at the racier Playboy-only version. If your boss doesn't care what kind of sites you visit, and you wanna see someone topless in a short skirt that isn't Perry Farrel - check out the clip's exclusive premiere on the Playboy site.

WATCH IT: Red Hot Chili Peppers "Look Around" (Robert Hales, dir.)

The notion of four distinct personalities for a rock quartet goes all the way back to The Beatles — although special props to Led Zeppelin who created special symbols for each band member, a move later one-upped by having individual narrative arcs (including one for their manager and road manager) inserted into their Song Remains The Same concert flick — but director Robert Hales uses a modern trick to let each Red Hot Chili Pepper have a room of ones own.