WATCH IT: The Fray "Heartbeat" (Justin Francis, dir.)

Justin Francis, director: "The concept itself could not be more simple. It's all about people coming together for a communal experience centered around fire, music, friendship. I wanted to create something that felt natural, honest and even a little moving. There was a real connection on set between the band and the crowd, so the vast majority of the video is just stuff we captured in-camera. I had more post effects planned throughout, but the shots of crashing waves turned out to be pretty hard to beat." -->watch "Heartbeat"

WATCH IT: Taking Back Sunday "Faith" (Chris Marrs Piliero, dir.)

W. Axl Rose hit the big city and, well, you know the rest. The fake and very absurd viral sensation "OMG WTF TBS" Cat has an entrance to the Jungle that may look exactly like Axl's (which is genius, by the way) but it all goes downhill quickly from there into a mess of porn, drugs, anger and depression. Soon he's back home with Taking Back Sunday, tail beneath his legs, as the internet memes churn on and on. --> watch "Faith (When I Let You Down)"

WATCH IT: Britney Spears "I Wanna Go" (Chris Marrs Piliero, dir.)

Starting with a press conference that's only slightly less absurd that Anthony "Are you more than seven inches!?" Weiner's resignation speech, this comical video has Britney Spears turning the tables on all the gawkers, paparazzi and other rubberneckers. Britney also gladly takes some potshots here — ie: there will be no "Cross Harder" sequel to her 2002 flick Crossroads — while gladly going along on a ride gets more bizarro (and fun)  as it progresses.   --> watch "I Wanna Go"