Honey Badger

Exploring Boards Of Canada "Reach For The Dead" on a Bolex with DP David Myrick

Boards Of Canada "Reach For The Dead" is a video defined by its cinematography of ghost towns and deserted landscapes.

Cinematographer David Myrick joins us to here walk us through that world and how they used a vintage Bolex film camera to bring a unique vibe to the project.

DP David Myrick on Bringing Back the Bolex... 

"This year a few projects came up with the idea to create a vibe and energy that felt vintage but had a modern approach to composition.

Adam & Binki "Just To Make Me Feel Good" (Malia James, Dir.)

Adam Green & Binki Shapiro - "Just To Make Me Feel Good" (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

Adam Green and Binki Shapiro give an indie spin to the "Closing Time" split-screen set-up, wandering the streets of NYC like two souls who are just slightly off-sync.

WATCH IT: AC Newman "I'm Not Talking" (The General Assembly, dir.)

A loving ode to the inherent awkwardness of performing on a chat show, especially of the vintage, Public Access variety. --> "I'm Not Talking"

A.C. Newman "I'm Not Talking" (Matador)The General Assembly, director | Frenchie Alburtis, producer | Honey Badger, production co | Charles Son, DP | Joseph Remerowski, editor | Nigel Mogg, art director | John Benson, Gower Frost, exec. producers