Isaac Hagy

Childish Gambino "Clapping For The Wrong Reasons" (Hiro Murai, dir.) [short film]

This teaser for the upcoming short-film Clapping For The Wrong Reason doesn't provide enough meat to really determine what it's gonna be — perhaps we need one of those "In a world where..." voiceovers — but it does look intriguing with a cast that ranges from Flying Lotus to porn star Abella Anderson, and, of course, actor Donald "Childish Gambino" Glover himself.

Personally, I like to think it's gonna be an indierap mash-up of Slacker and Sunset Boulevard...

J-Cole "Power Trip" (Mike Piscitelli, dir.) [NSFW]

J. Cole Power Trip Featuring Miguel

Director Mike Piscitelli ensures you won't hear this new J. Cole single as just another love song, delivering a dark meditative tale set back in the rapper's Fayetteville, NC hometown. The basic set-up is a love triangle of sorts, involving Miguel and a beautiful woman, but J-Cole's solution is probably closer to what you'd expect in a Sopranos episode than in a video for a critically and commercially acclaimed hip-hop star.

The Weeknd "[28]" (NABIL, dir.) NSFW

the weeknd [28] *nsfw

The Weeknd aka Abel Tesfaye is a stranger in a strange land for this beautiful, yet gloomy NABIL video. A foreign language talk show appearance that feels more like a clinical examination than something meant to attract viewers. The ghost of a lover watching at home. Not even the topless strippers can cheer him up, which isn't a surprise since they look dead-eyed and clearly under duress. 

It's the kind of video that makes you wonder what Prince coulda done if he had been peaking in the NSFW age. And yes, it's NSFW, unless you work on a European beach