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Fall Out Boy "Where Did The Party Go" (DONALD/ZAEH, dir.)

Welcome to part seven of Fall Out Boy and director DONALD/ZAEH's 11 part series The Young Blood Chronicles. Don't worry if you're not caught up, since the situation doesn't require much backstory to enjoy: We got a hook-handed maniac, a Hospital setting that's only a couple dead bodies removed from The Walking Dead, and enough luridness to appeal to American Horror Story.

So, I guess what I'm saying is that somebody should call Netflix and make this a proper series.

Justin Bieber "All That Matters" (Colin Tilley, dir.)

While the teaser made "All That Matters" seem like it an all-growns-up bump and grind, the full video presents something a bit more uncomfortable (or less uncomfortable, depending on your perspective). Which isn't to say that sex isn't in the air here — it is, big time — but Bieber moves all too easily from intensity to playfulness to tentativeness, like a master performer trying to see what role gets the best response.

2 Chainz "Used 2" (Alex Nazari, dir.)

2 Chainz gets the royal welcome to NOLA, with Lil Wayne and other Cash Money Millionaires joining him for a raucous street party. Don't let the abundance of kids and families here fool ya: Between the lyrics and the booty, this is clearly NSFW. Although, certainly not as far as things could have gone in a video for a song about posting your sexcapades on YouTube for posterity. 

Rihanna "Pour It Up" (Robyn Rihanna Fenty, dir.)

While you might be tempted to view this as Rihanna showing the young'ns how Twerking is done — all respect to Ms. Miley, of course — keep in mind that photos from this shoot first crept out in May, way before the word was enshrined in the Oxford English Dictionary.

In fact there's a huge backstory here, teased in this little Twitter back and forth between director Vincent Haycock and Rihanna:

How's the video itself? Well, it's got pasties, strippers, twerking and a whole lot of content that's probably the unsafe side of NSFW. To summarize the wise man Chazz Michael Michaels, "It's provocative."