Jack White

Little Eris "Programme the Deprogramme" (Jamie McKee, dir.)

Notes from Director, Jamie McKee: "I had been toying with the glitching technique and a loop effect for sometime and was looking for a stand alone piece of music that I could get stuck into. After hearing Programme the Deprogramme by Little Eris I knew straight away this was the song I had been searching for. After discussing a concept with writer/actress Jenni Davies, she was able to come up with a narrative that would tick along to the beats. 

Three Videos in One for Jack White "That Black Bat Licorice"

We know Jack White loves the number three, so of course he'd use music interactivity to cram three videos into one. Holding down the number "3" (of course) moves the animated version to a live-action clip starring Mr. White himself, and holding down the letter "B" (it kind of looks like a "3," right?) takes you to a headbanging parking lot.

Of course it took 3 directors to accomplish this: James Blagden tackled the animation, Jack White directed his own damn live action video, and Brad Holland delivered the headbanging mania.

A Take Away Show with Jack White (Colin Solal Cardo, dir.)

Jack White x La Blogotheque is a perfect philosophical match. On one hand you have a noted analog advocate, and on the other you have a video team that specializes in organically capturing sound and vision in organic spaces. Here we find outselves as the Saint-Saturnin Chapel, Fontainebleau Castle, for a combo performance of the White Stripes "Same Boy You've Always Known" and new solo track "Entitlement," taking us from the inside to the outside.