Joshua Reis

Eminem "Berzerk" (Syndrome, dir.)

It took a certain kind of lunatic to create a compilation VHS tape: Two VCRs, bouncing clips back and forth and then proceeding to degrade it with every dub you made for friends. And that is exactly what we have with "Berzerk," an homage to old-school rap — the most obvious cues are Beastie Boys "So What'cha Want," the album art for LL Cool J "Radio," and guest star Rick Rubin, who produced this track and the early Beasties and LL stuff, plus lots more — mixed together with street fights and other mayhem to create a blaze of fuzzy glory.

Kick it!

A$AP Rocky f/ Skrillex "Wild for the Night" (Chris Robinson & A$AP, dir.)

Wild For The Night (Explicit)

Director Chris Robinson takes superstars A$AP Rocky and Skrillex to the Dominican Republic for the gorgeous-meets-dangerous scenery and the grimiest basement party of all time. The vibe is fun (assuming City of God is your kind of fun) and the partying truly epic - plus you get to see Skrillex in his natural habitat, baking in the tropical sun. 

DJ Pauly D "Back To Love" (Rik Cordero, dir.)

DJ Pauly D - Back To Love (Official Video) ft. Jay Sean

I was interested in merging high technology, fashion and club aesthetics for the "Back To Love" video. I was both fascinated and inspired by Google's Project Glass and Diane von Furstenberg's NYC Fashion Week event where the beautiful and statue-esque runway models basically shot the entire show wearing first person augmented-reality glasses which was then cut into a viral video. I thought it would be cool to drop DJ Pauly D and Jay Sean directly into this chaotic yet stylish scenario.