Karim Huu Do

Last Night In Paris "Pure" (Karim Huu Do, dir.)

"This more than just a minor hobby. In fact, this is a life. In fact, this is a family."

And this is more than a music video: It's a devilishly clever set-up that lulls you down a gritty, yet strangely dreamlike street thuggery, before hitting the country where we realize that we're getting sky high with one hell of a drug. And then, SNAP, we're back again, as the lines between filmmaker and actor, particpant and viewer, fantasy and reality, gravity and sanity.

Rocking Adidas Originals with Pharrell Williams and Rita Ora (Karim Huu Do, dir.)

Product Placement is so 2014. Branded content with top-notch celebs and production quality is 2015. Adidas starts it off right with this spot for their Originals line, focusing on musicians Pharrell Williams and Rita Ora, athletes David Beckham and Daniel Lillard, and those legendary three-striped Superstar sneaker that first inspired Run-D.M.C. nearly 30 years ago.

Pretty slick, especially if it's just a warm-up to what we should expect when Kanye starts to image his Yeezus x Adidas line...