Ketil Dietrichson

Avril Lavigne "Here's To Never Growing Up" (Robert Hales, dir.)

Avril Lavigne - Here's To Never Growing Up

Avril Lavigne does seem able to stay forever end: The song sticks to the "Complicated" formula, the video is set at a high school prom, and she's still a sk8tr girl. And despite the super prominent Radiohead references don't expect this video to look any different from what you might expect from the pop-rocker. 

If anything, the '90s influence here seems to be more Hole "Miss World" than anything Radiohead...

Hot Chelle Rae "Hung Up" (P. R. Brown, dir.)

Hot Chelle Rae - Hung Up (Official Video)

The blonde in P.R. Brown's poppy new Hot Chelle Rae clip clearly has a lot going on. She's pretty, she's getting a free concert from HCR in her lofty downtown LA neighborhood and she gets to choose amongst the enthusiastic band members in what seems to be a data-moshing remix of the classic board game, Mystery Date

Kenny Chesney "Pirate Flag" (Shaun Silva, Dir.)

Kenny Chesney - Pirate Flag

When it comes to who best represents the modern pirate, I agree with Dave Grohl and Alice Cooper: It's Lemmy from Motorhead. No contest. But, I doubt Sir Lemmy would ever make a video like Kenny Chesney, who drapes himself in the Jolly Rodger and surrounds himself with bikini babes on an island paradise. Probably not an authentic Pirate experience, but probably more appealing to most on a winter's day. (Me? I'm a Lemmy guy.