Luke Jacobs

Disciples "They don't know" (Luke Jacobs, dir.)

Shot along the stunning coastline of PEMBROKESHIRE (West Wales) the cinematic landscape and wild horses form a strong backdrop to this music video. But at the heart of this video is strong narrative story, about two two shy brothers who go shooting rabbits at dawn on the cliffs.

On their return they cross paths with a gang whoʼve been partying. The gang roughs up the boys and not only do they leave behind a pretty girl whoʼs still “high” but also a bag which they really, really donʼt want to lose!!! The video follows this story as it unfolds. 

Los Campesinos "Avocado Baby" (Craig Roberts, dir.)

In the world of TV game show hosts, Gareth is the best. Or at least he was ten years ago. He sadly drinks a lot, has let himself go and is about to be replaced by a younger version of himself. During the rehearsals for the show things get stranger and stranger until he finds himself in a casket getting carried off stage. What will Gareth do to save his job....

It's a one shot video with no cuts or blends. It took a morning to plan and rehearse and the shot chosen was the third and final take. 


An oddball half-human, half grape-faced monster lets off some steam - despite how much trouble he gets into, he just cannot stop himself from misbehaving (over and over again...)  An off the cuff, rough and rugged journey through the mundane market-stalls of East London, where the chaos of the day unfolds as our deformed dude refuses to take any more crap!