Lewis Watson "Stay" (Craig Roberts, dir.)

lewis watson - stay (official video)

In a world where the dead come to life the moment the cemetery gates are closed we meet a teenage girl, Mary.

Through the video she introduces us to her lonely life in the cemetery and her desire to fall in love with a guy in her favourite movie (LEWIS). Lewis is like the ‘Elvis’ of the cemetery, he’s a movie star and most importantly a rockstar. When Mary finds out that Lewis is performing a gig, she sneaks in and the night becomes strangely romantic as they both lock eyes and decide to go on a date. The date is fantastically weird, they fall in love and run away from the cemetery.

This video was directed by actor Craig Roberts and filmed over one night in a Cardiff graveyard. It was shot by award winning DoP Luke Jacobs (Rudimental, Chase and Status).

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