Megan Fenton

Rixton "Make Out" (Emil Nava, dir.)

UK boy band Rixtonmight not have the budgets of bigger stars, but they have an idea. Actually, they have other people's ideas. The boys take the lo-fi piss out of some of the past year's most memoriable videos — yes, of course there's a Wrecking Ball and Blurred Lines, but also clips by Rihanna, Bieber, Gaga and Katy — before stumbling upon a mass make-out concept that suits them just fine.

Passion Pit "Carried Away" (Brewer, Dir.)

Passion Pit - Carried Away

If you're gonna have subtitles in a music video you might as well have fun with them. And directing team Brewer certainly does that but only after sucking you into a dysfunctional and surreal, yet strangely real love/hate relationship between Michael Angelakos and actress Sophia Bush.