Ex Hex "Waterfall" (WARTELLA, dir.)

If nothing else, this new Ex-Hex video presents a believable origin story for The Ramones: A UFO came and zapped otherwise ordinary folks into punk rockers. "Waterfall" does more than that, of course, presenting a lo-fi War Of The Worlds vibe that's colorful, fun and laced with just enough go-go and iconoclasm to make all the punk rocker cameos ring true.

Director Emily Kai Bock Wins Prism Prize for Arcade Fire "Aferlife"

The second annual Prism Prize, celebrating the best Canadian music videos, took place last night in Toronto.

Director Emily Kai Bock took home the $5,000 Grand Prize for her masterful narrative Arcade Fire "Afterlife" video. Director Kheaven Lewandowski won the audience prize via online voting for The Belle Game "River" video.

Creative team Scott Cudmore and Michael Leblanc received the inaiugural Arthur Lipsett Award, established to recognize an innovative and unique approach to music video art; Director Floria Sigismondi received the inagural Special Achievement Award.

Also of note: Emily Kai Bock was a guest on CBC radio show As It Happens discussing her win, working with Arcade Fire, and why it's OK for a video to make you cry.

Superchunk "Void" (Scott Jacobson, dir.)

Chris Rock once said that you never wanna be the old guy in the club. Though he was speaking in a hip-hop context, that adage may apply to the Brooklyn hipster scene as well.

Exhibit A: this vid from Superchunk, featuring Jon Glaser (Parks & Rec, Human Giant), Jon Benjamin (who Has A Van), and Ted Travelstead, [and Superchunk's own Jon Wuster]

Now, I gotta find a black Security tee of my own...

Arcade Fire "Afterlife" (Emily Kai Bock, dir.)

He sells flowers on a streetcorner all day, comes home for a spaghetti dinner, prodding his youngest son to speak spanish and his eldest to spare him a drive to his friend's house. At nightfall they all mine different dreamscapes, but she's at the center of all of them — only existing in their thoughts until they hopefully meet on the other side.


Superchunk "Me & You & Jackie Mittoo" (Phil Morrison, dir.)

Music won't save your life. And that's OK. Take it from Superchunk, the pioneering indie band that's celebrating 20+ years with new album I Hate Music and this anthem about coming to terms with the powers and limitations of music. The video itself is a more direct love letter, paying tribute to the music (and specifically, the vinyl)  that people hold close to their heart.