M.I.A. "Matahdatah Scroll 01 Broader Than A Border" (M.I.A., dir.)

"Matahdatah Scroll 01 Broader Than A Border" is actually two songs/videos in one: "Swords" and "Warriors," both consisting of on-location footage from West Africa and India. As is usually the case with M.I.A., things seems constantly on-the-verge of danger, even when the footage is as potetentially innocuous as a group of kids playing (with swords) and a man dancing. (Also a neat trick? Mainataining that edge and outsider status, while premiering the video with a big corporate partner like Apple Music)

M.I.A.:  "I directed and edited my first music video for "Warriors" for my last album, MATANGI, and I held it back until now, because it inspired me to make a whole series of songs and videos on the concept of borders. Making songs and videos at the same time out of a suitcase on location is something I did on my album KALA, but its video, as well as music, made by me in a very ARULAR way.   My new song ‘Swords’ was filmed in a Temple in India and we recorded the clang of the metal to make the beat at the same time as shooting these incredible girls. There's ten more of these countries coming and I haven't chased where to go yet, so who knows where this project will take me. ‘Warriors’ was shot in Cote d'Ivoire with a guy I saw in a youtube video doing the most incredible dancing. I tracked down that exact guy, flew out there and played him the ‘Warriors’ track. He did his thing for me. He is a spiritual warrior and communicates through dancing. It's a lifelong commitment for him to be the designated spiritual body that channels that dance.

The concept for this LP is ”broader then a border" and MATAHDATAH is the journal of MATANGI.  Sometimes I move vertical and sometimes I move horizontal."

Beware The Music Video Teaser?

Here's something to add to my Music Video Rules:

If you think a 15 second preview on Instagram — or a seven second Vine, or even a single Instagram photo — ruins the impact of your music video, then most likely your music video sucks. Sorry.

UK newspaper The Guardian has an editorial today about how social media reveals and other teasers have ruined music videos for the author, Issy Sampson.

M.I.A. "Bring The Noize"

M.I.A. - "Bring The Noize" (Official Video)

M.I.A. has a certain knack for thriving upon culture clashes and this first new video in a while — "Bring The Noize," off her forthcoming Matangi album — has all the elements in place, but things never hit the visual crescendo you might be expecting. (aka: No Gingers were harmed)