New Releases

WATCH IT: Epic Rap Battle "Santa Versus Snoop Moses"

There have been some enjoyable Epic Rap Battles of History, including Darth Vader against Hitler and Dr. Seuss in the cypher with Billy Shakespeare. The latest addition brings the holiday business with Santa versus Moses. Oh, and did we mention that Moses is played by Snoop Lion? Yes, there are burning bush jokes and the kind of shapely 'chosen ones' that would make anyone want to get lost in the desert for a long time. --> watch "Moses Versus Santa Claus"

WATCH IT: The Killers "Miss Atomic Bomb" (Warren Fu, dir.)

Since the interlude riff is a clear homage to the distinctive appregio "Mr Brightside," it's fitting that "Miss Atomic Bomb" is a sequel to that classic video. Izabella Miko and Eric Roberts reprise their Brightside roles — she's the stunning ingenue and he's the disreputable skeeze who twirls her away from her true love, Killers singer Brandon Flowers. The story is mainly told through animated flashbacks — think a less trippy/dirty Heavy Metal — from a much older Flowers who's apparently the only person in a desert trailer not making meth. --> watch "Miss Atomic Bomb"

WATCH IT: AC Newman "I'm Not Talking" (The General Assembly, dir.)

A loving ode to the inherent awkwardness of performing on a chat show, especially of the vintage, Public Access variety. --> "I'm Not Talking"

A.C. Newman "I'm Not Talking" (Matador)The General Assembly, director | Frenchie Alburtis, producer | Honey Badger, production co | Charles Son, DP | Joseph Remerowski, editor | Nigel Mogg, art director | John Benson, Gower Frost, exec. producers

WATCH IT: Sigur Ros "Leaning Towards Solace" (Floria Sigismondi, dir.)

In the end you'll be greeted by angels and they'll be in the form of the ones you love. And you'll be reborn.

That's the definition of Solace in this gorgous short film by Floria Sigismondi, with actor John Hawkes as a man mourning the loss of his daughter, played by Elle Fanning. It's a gorgous piece of filmmaking with a painfully expressive performance by Hawkes, and a very fitting end (and/or rebirth) to the Valtari mystery film series. --> watch "Leaning Toward Solace"