Nicola Sheppard

One Acen "Nigeria" (Shan Phearon, dir.)

An inventive, novel take on modern storytelling form squeezed into 3 mins. 'Trojan-horse' thematic subtext on psychological battles delivered through Pop film genre conventions and crime opera allegory. Watch Y2K-era aesthetics meet a post-Covid texture world, served up in a kinetic rap video that tries to go beyond merely aesthetic, technique and style, to play with an often undervalued tenant of short-form: new structural ideas.

By V V on August 21, 2020 @ 7:46am PDT

Jasmine Thompson "Loyal" (SASHINSKI, dir.)

From The Director:

The visual was a reawakening for Jasmine, positioning herself in a slightly different realm with a beautiful new sound. Working closely with choreographer Darcy Wallace we wanted the movement to reflect the themes of loyalty, separation and then finally freedom and independence. We filmed on a brutally cold day in December at Chatham Historic which is an epic space. Special thanks to Nicola Sheppard at Atlantic who gave me the freedom to collaborate closely with Jasmine to sculpt the creative.

Taya "Skin" (Sashinski, dir.)

From the director: The track's called "Skin" and it has a really soulful melody. With that in mind I wanted to experiment with textures, materials and reflections, shooting through them and against them under dynamic lighting. Taya was a dream to work with, we framed her as an alluring yet isolated and pensive figure which worked nicely with the video's aesthetic.