Nicolas Millot

I Monster "Inzects" (Nicolas Millot, dir.)

Three groups of people live their peaceful life, until some insects arrive and start ruining their moment of happiness. The problem: They are human size, and will bring with them catastrophic consequences!

This is the new comedy/horror video for the I Monster song "Inzects", taken from their album "A Dense Swarm of Ancient Stars" and directed by Nicolas Millot.

Bunai Carus "Veil EP Trailer" (Nicolas Millot, dir.)

Icarus on a steady outskirt of euhemerism freely awakens an atlas breast stroke alongside a Corsican breeze. At some point in the South of France this forwarded glance meets with the scrolling pace of rhythmic impulses thus colliding with a feverish libidinousness. Somewhere congruently along the seaside you'll meet Jim and Guillaume "Behind the Bunai Carus."