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I Monster "Inzects" (Nicolas Millot, dir.)

I MONSTER - Inzects

Three groups of people live their peaceful life, until some insects arrive and start ruining their moment of happiness. The problem: They are human size, and will bring with them catastrophic consequences!

This is the new comedy/horror video for the I Monster song "Inzects", taken from their album "A Dense Swarm of Ancient Stars" and directed by Nicolas Millot.

The style of the video is directly influenced by old monsters movies (The Black Lake Strange), Japanese Kaijū movies (Ultraman, Godzilla), and is filled with references of the horror genre (Evil Dead, Nosferatu, Carry, and many others ...). The costumes have been handmade by Caroline Collinot and Nicolas Millot, to recreate the best feeling inspired by these films. Watch out, insects are coming!


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