Patrick Scola

Mr. Little Jeans "Good Mistake" (Ian and Cooper, dir.)

The loneliness of the long distance truck driver is a very real thing. Thankfully, there are pharmaceuticals, energy drinks and surreal rest stops to smooth the ride.

A very solid video from directors Ian and Cooper, who previously blew your mind with cinemagraphs and now use an epic convenience store tracking shot to separate this clip betwen hinted and total madness.  

Breaking Records (Literally) With Paramore and Director Sophia Peer

Sometimes you break so many world records that it becomes a world record in and of itself. So, congratulations to Paramore and director Sophia Peer on breaking the most world records in a single music video.

Sure, some of these feats seem a bit random — Most Vinyl Records Broken By 3 People in 1 Minute, Fastest Time To Run Backwards Holding Stuffed Animals While Blindfolded For 30 Feet — but the fact remains that nobdoy has done any of these things better. And if you think you could one-up them, head to Paramore's page and try your best.