The New Most Watched YouTube Video of All Time

Pour a tiny bit of malt liquour, or soju, for PSY. The Korean sensation's internet smash "Gangnam Style" has ended a five year run as the most viewed video of all time on — a run that was so bonkers, that it surpassed the total number of plays that YouTube could track, forcing the service to rewrite its view-counting code.

The new champion is Wiz Khalifa and Charlie Puth's "See You Again," directed by Marc Klasfeld, and commissioned for the Furious 7 movie to pay tribute to the late Paul Walker.

Currently, the count is relatively close: "See You Again" has 2.896 billion views compared to "Gangnam Style" and its 2.894 billion views.

All these numbers are way above my head — maybe we can entice Nate Silver to dig into the data? — but either way: Congratulations world, you've spent a cumulative 44,000 years watching these two videos!

PSY's "Gangnam Style" Breaks The YouTube Counter

This might be the nerdiest post on Videostatic ever — which is really saying something — and also the scariest.

PSY's unstoppable "Gangnam Style" continues to break records, and has now broken YouTube itself.

The YouTube view counter used a 32-bit integer, meaning that the highest possible number it could go was 2,147,483,647 — a staggeringly large number that PSY has now surpassed.

As such, YouTube has upgraded their counter to a 64-bit integer, which should be safe unless PSY's views go above 9,223,372,036,854,775,808.

PSY f/ Snoop Dogg "Hangover"

"Party's Over, it ain't over Try to make a bad memory, over and over... Care to find a single piece of me, game over"

So it goes for PSY who's awoken from unprecedented success — 2 Billion YouTube viewers can't be wrong — in search of what comes next. Hence, we get PSY as ringmaster: He's strangely minimized in the still over-the-top "Hangover," sharing screentime and a bulk of the vocals with an always game Snoop Dog. That's not to say we don't get to see PSY being PSY and that this video isn't filled with memorable moments — many of which seem to be pre-looped for easy GIFability — but "Hangover" seems to have stripped-out the unique and inspired lunacy of "Gangnam Style" for something more modular and replaceable. And the fact the video ends with a teaser for his NEXT single/video coming this Summer doesn't really radiate confidence, does it?

PS: The video is already over 5 million views in just a few hours and seems destined to break more records. In other words: A hangover is just a few drinks away from being drunk again. Cheers.

Gangnam Style Crosses 2 Billion Views; Still #1 YouTube of All-Time

Psymania seems over, yes? As if.

The ground-shaking "Gangnam Style" video which broke all sorts of recording, including being the only YouTube video to surpass one billion views in December 2012 — a feat accomplished in only a few months — is still going strong...

Sure, the pace has slowed, but the views keep coming in, just recently crossing the 2 billion mark, remaining the most viewed YouTube video of all-time.

In celebration, YouTube has rolled out a fancy custom animation to keep track of the McDonalds-like numbers...

And in a smart move, PSY is set to premiere his new video on June 8 via Jimmy Kimmel Live.

Get ready to potentially "giddy up" once again..

PSY Making New Video with Snoop Dogg

You want to call "Gentelman" a flop; a misogynistic miscalculation that didn't come close to "Gangnam Style." But, it was a Top Ten hit around the world, including the US, and the video was the most watched on YouTube for 2013.

So, don't call it a comeback.

The follow-up to the follow-up is now under production — as reveald by PSY's twitter —  this time featuring Snoop Dogg and PSY's fellow Korean, G-Dragon.

Be warned.

PSY "Gentleman" is #1 Most Watched of 2013, #5 All Time

Don't call it a comeback, he's been for years. Or, at least a year. 

Just when you though PSY had run his amazing course, a press release comes to remind you that the follow-up, "Gentleman," is actually in the midst of an impressive run:

"Heating up his sizzling and scorching hot streak yet again, PSY's music video for "Gentleman" is currently YouTube's "Most-Viewed" music video of 2013 with over 572 million views. The cinematic clip for the infectious and invigorating international anthem continues to entice viewers daily. In addition, the music video is ranked #7 on YouTube's all-time most-viewed videos list. It's on track to hit 600 million by the end of the year. As a result it will become #5 of all-time."

Take that, Miley.

Psy "Gentlman" Breaking YouTube Records - Approaching 100 Million Views

Screw the reviews. The early data says that Psy "Gentleman" is a record-breaking smash. 

"Gentleman" got 20 million views int he first 24 hours, more than doubling the previous record of 8 million that Justin Bieber held for "Boyfriend."

At the time I publish this, "Genteman" is now over 92 million views in approximately 72 hours.

That's staggering. In every sense...

Psy "Gentleman" (Psy, dir.)

What if photos leaked from PSY's new video and nobody cared? We will start to find out on April 12, when new single "Gentleman" gets premiered and has the unenviable task of forcing journalists to remove "Gangnam Style" from its lofty "biggest one hit wonder of all time" perch.

And as someone who was early on PSYmania and got lots of hits: Here's to another smash.

FLIP BOOK VERSION: Psy "Gangnam Style" (Etoilec1, artist/director)

Gangnam Style Flip Book Animation

And you thought we were done with this one? "Gangnam Style" is still the daily #1 video at YouTube, garnering another 250 million views since it reached its One Billion pinnacle and now it has a flipbook version that looks like artist/director Etoilec1 rotoscoped each frame onto a thick pad.