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@kanyewest we’re building DONDA schools in Chicago 1 day 10 hours ago
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Psy "Gentleman" (Psy, dir.)


Anyone who reads Videostatic knows how amped up we were about PSY's uber-viral hit, 'Gangnam Style.' The expectations are high for the follow-up clip 'Gentleman' and now it's finally here. The new clip clearly has an expanded budget and the dance numbers are even more over the top with return visits from well-known Korean comedians and a female K-Pop lead — this time it is Ga from Brown Eyed Girls. 

On first listen, the track doesn't have the same ear-worm hookiness, but the bigger let down is that the jokes are no longer at PSY's own expense, but rather he's pulling cruel-ish pranks on people — mostly pretty girls. A guy with the biggest, baddest viral video of all time probably ought to be past pulling the chair out from under a girl or making her smell his farts.

Oh well, the dance stuff is still ridiculously awesome. I'm gonna go watch it again.

Doug Stern writes music video treatments and steals soccer balls from children.

Tags: Psy, Watch It

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