SHOT: The Raveonettes - Molly Schiot + Cass Bird, dir.

Raveonettes video DP Shane Sigler (center) and co-directors Molly Schiot (2nd from right) and Cass Bird (far right, lower) on-location in NYC with a couple of the characters (and a fish) from their Raveonettes video...

  • artist: The Raveonettes
  • song: "I Want To Be Adored"
  • label: Vice
  • director(s): Molly Schiot & Cass Bird
  • rep: Robin Frank Management + Molly Logan @ Fred& Associates
  • producer: Brody Baker
"I Want To Be Adored" is a Stone Roses song, with this cover/video being part of the Dr Martens anniversary promotion...
Tags: RFM, Vice