BOOKED: We The Kings - Sean Donnelly, director

Emo/punk/pop group We The Kings set to bow with a release on the newly relaunched S-Curve Records — the label which brough you Baha "they let the dogs out" Men, Joss Stone and Fountains Of Wayne circa "Stacy's Mom."

artist: We The Kings song: "Skyway Avenue" label: S-Curve director(s): Sean Donnelly  production co: Awesome And Modest commissioner: Jill Kaplan/Skyway Productions

NEW RELEASE: Joss Stone "Spoiled"

Joss Stone "Spoiled" S-CurveJoseph Kahn, directorMaryann Tanedo, producerHSI, production companyBrad Rushing, DPDavid Black, editorDescription: Joss Stone and her boyfriend have a spat outside an old-fashioned diner. They come close to reconciling once seated at a booth, but Stone storms out and drives away while her man follows in hot pursuit. The video's highlight is when the two battling lovers have a symbolic head-on collision in which they both get projected through car windshields as if they were participants in some sort of slow motion car crash ballet.