Spenser Sakurai

Keep Shelly In Athens "Recollection" (Lamar+Nik, dir.)

"Human lives are comprised of memories, and like bubbles they appear in all forms and colors, shifting shapes as they float. The video for “Recollection” is about confronting those memories, where we follow a world-worn woman along a very personal path. She has a story to tell, things to reconcile – like all of us." - Sarah P [KSIA]

All bubbles are completely real, no CGI.

Pixies "Bag Boy" (LAMAR+NIK, dir.)


Milk baths should be taken with fruit loops. Flares and Roman Candles can be used indoors, with caution. There is such a thing as too many balloons. Lessons abound in this first new Pixies video in forever, "Bag Boy," a modular sort of preacher jam that you can download for free.

Directors Lamar+Nik mostly steer clear of the paperwork that has defined much of their work to date — although there is a small moment of cardboard "Magnolia" lettering — focusing instead on a teenage creep who will either never be left home along again, or is a very silly home invader.