Smashing Pumpkins "Being Beige" (Brad & Brian Palmer, dir.)

Directors Brian and Brad Palmer explore a surreal, dreamlike space of lost love in this lush new video for Smashing Pumpkins. The prevailing theme is of things splitting apart and coming together into something more limitless, represented at times by some twin imagery which which might remind you of the Siamese Dream cover, or the old Virgin Records "gemini" logo.

AFI "I Hope You Suffer" (Brad Palmer & Brian Palmer, dir.)

After creating a very poetic and crypitic series of five films for the band, AFI approached SURROUND to direct the video for the 1st single "I Hope You Suffer" off their forthcoming album Burials — produced by Gil Norton (Pixies, Patti Smith, Foo Fighters) and set to release in October. 

Directors Brad Palmer and Brian Palmer felt that it was time to reveal the band to their massive fan base after creating a very visual five part film series that had already set the tone for what AFI was about to launch.

WATCH IT: The Drums "Down By The Water" (Surround, dir.)

This video is kind of like "Single Ladies" on Quaaludes. Or, imagine if Kraftwerk appeared on The Ed Sullivan Show. Clearly referencing old time TV pop/rock performances — think Ronettes "Be My Baby" — the Surround production team lets the moddish boys of The Drums perform a very slowly slow mimed performance (with time code, so you know exactly how slow it all is).  --> watch "Down By The Water"