Symphony 19

WATCH IT: Katy Perry "E.T." (Floria Sigismondi, dir.)

Katy Perry  stars in this inter-galactic ode to love, sex, mortality, decay, man, machine, nature, civilization and most of all: Looking like an outlandish spaceage love child of David Bowie and Marilyn Manson. Director Floria Sigismondi — who's worked with both Bowie and Manson — hits on a broad swath of sci-fi references, ranging from 2001 to Wall-E, ending on a note that seems taken from an timeless fable.

WATCH IT: My Chemical Romance "Art Is The Weapon (trailer)" (Nate Weaver, co-dir.)

What if My Chemical Romance got happy and decided to make a feature film opus that somehow combined the best of Buckaroo Banzai, Tank Girl, Kill Bill and featured comic book writer Grant Morrison as the bad guy? While it's unlikely to see anything that weird at the multiplex, you can look forward to a video for "Na Na Na" that should be as adventurous as this trailer. --> watch "Art Is The Weapon (trailer)"