Jamie Lawson "Wasn't Expecting That" (Bouha Kazmi, dir.)

Bouha Kazmi’s eloquently executed music promo for Jamie Lawson’s track ‘Wasn’t Expecting That’ is a beautifully crafted tender film. Its combination of brilliant performances and gorgeous visuals make for a moving watch. The powerful narrative is composed of multiple scenes expertly cut together, exploring wonderful and sometimes sad moments of a couple’s life together. Bouha rose to prominence last year picking up bucket loads of awards for his promo “Tokyo” for The Ramona Flowers, as well as being nominated for a Young Director Award at Cannes.

Daniel James "Ain't No Money" (Mark Jenkinson, dir.)

Marky J brings out the animal(s) in Daniel James’s raw and gospel-tinged new single “ain’t no money”. We watch our corrupt cooperate company-straddling villain being followed and threatened by a herd of bizarre, weird and wonderful taxidermy animals as he stumbles and trips through the streets of East London. Shot with real cinematic ambition there is almost a voodoo undercurrent that unsettles this film leading our man to his inevitable conclusion.