Jamie Lawson "Wasn't Expecting That" (Bouha Kazmi, dir.)

JAMIE LAWSON | Wasn't Expecting That

Bouha Kazmi’s eloquently executed music promo for Jamie Lawson’s track ‘Wasn’t Expecting That’ is a beautifully crafted tender film. Its combination of brilliant performances and gorgeous visuals make for a moving watch. The powerful narrative is composed of multiple scenes expertly cut together, exploring wonderful and sometimes sad moments of a couple’s life together. Bouha rose to prominence last year picking up bucket loads of awards for his promo “Tokyo” for The Ramona Flowers, as well as being nominated for a Young Director Award at Cannes. His short film “Flicker" was also nominated for a YDA in 2013 and has been screened at numerous international film festivals. 

Jamie Lawson is the first musician to be signed to Ed Sheeran’s new record label Gingerbread Man Records (subsidiary of Warner Music). His single ‘Wasn’t Expecting That’ has gained chart success in Australia, New Zealand and Ireland, and is rumoured to go on to conquer US and British markets.

The video perfectly befits the song, rhythmically and tonally – resulting in an emotive and poignant piece.

Be warned, it’s a tearjerker.



Elderly Couple: Rowena Bentley  |  Gene Foad Middle Couple: Stella Stocker  |  Richard Keep Teenage Couple: Ruby Kammer  |  Will Burren

Production Company
Director of Photography
Editing Company
Executive Producer
Miren Marañón, Production Designer
Hannah Glossop, Costume Designer
Candy Alderson, Hair and Make-up
Andrew Fletcher, Steadicam Operator
Geraint Hill, First Assistant Director
Max Colt, Post-production Supervisor
Gloria FX, Post-production