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Tim Mattia

THE 1975 "A Change of Heart" (Tim Mattia, dir.)

This would have also been a fantastic video for Springsteen's "County Fair" or even "Tunnel Of Love," and let me assure you: That's a compliment (even if it exposes my heart as old, suburban, sentimental, etc, etc.)

"A Change Of Heart" has 1975 frontman Matty Healy as a sad, silent-film clown who finds love on magically epic night of love and dance at the traveling carnival.

Halsey "Colors" (Tim Mattia, dir.)

There's hints of a Mrs. Robinson — or maybe a Mr. Robsinson — vibe in this prepschool epic about potentially dangerous crushes. 

Don't worry if you don't entirely follow it, even if it's pretty clear what's developing here (pun intended): The starmaking turn by Halsey has a way of attracting all of your attention.

THE 1975 "The Sound" (Tim Mattia, dir.)

1975 in a glass box feels a little bit like that Battles video, but then a "discerning" crowd shows up to gawk and judge — complete with titles illuminating choice bon mots like, "They're essentially making robotic Huey Lewis tunes" and worse. But, don't cry for 1975. They (a) don't give a fuck, and (b) realize that their judgers are just as on display as they are.