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Sioux City "Different Drum" (Marc Furmie, dir.)

Several children embark on a magical journey through the poorest townships and neighbourhoods of Johannesburg harkening the call of a mythical animated drum.

This magical realist music video for Sioux City was shot over 2 days with a small crew in the townships of Alexandra, Tembisa and the neighbourhood of Hillbrow in Johannesburg, South Africa. The children involved were from the local Alexandra musical group. The video features real people and no actors.

Alfons "Ganjaman" (Casper Balslev, dir.)

In case you were wondering if “Turn Down for What” — maybe the best video and single of 2014 — would birth its own genre, well, maybe we’ve got our answer: Here’s “Ganjaman” by a Norwegian fellow named Alfons. The video features an apparent dope dealer who goes around basically being completely amazing, whether at the bingo hall, at home, or even in a Harry Potter prison.

Glasperlenspiel "Nie Vergessen" (Michael Lawrence, dir.)

Glasperlenspiel "Nie Vergessen"

A German-language music video from director Michael Lawrence...[SG]

A couple recount their memories in the blink of an eye in this Michael Lawrence directed clip for Glasperlenspiel's "Nie Vergessen", shot on location in Lisbon, Portugal.