Team Spirit "Jesus He's Alright" (Ian Perlman, dir.)

Team Spirit - Jesus, He's Alright

As the title says, Jesus may be alright, but not if you're looking to have a hellacious good time at church. Director Ian Perlman and animation duo HannesJohannes create a church of rock 'n' roll for NYC band Team Spirit, mixing up all the vices you know and love, even if they're gonna send you to hell. PS: This is probably NSFW, especially if you work at a church.

WATCH IT: Win Win "After We Wait" (Bo Mirosseni, dir.)

People from all sorts of weird walks of life come to aid of a stranded motorist in this Win Win video directed by Bo Mirosseni. Is it a metaphor for teamwork or soemthing else? Is the tuxedoed driver some kind of deity? Are people this odd ever so altrustic? The answers are out there.. maybe. --> watch "After The Wait"and check an interview with Bo Mirosseni @ The Creators Project

WATCH IT: Action Bronson "The Symbol" (Rik Cordero, dir.) NSFW

Since it's well past Midnight for Charles Bronson, why not got with the unlikely, yet totally kick-ass hero Action Bronson?

Rik Cordero, director:  The blaxploitation genre has been parodied relentlessly over the decades so it was important for me to not only watch key films (Superfly, Black Ceasar, Bucktown, Hell Up In Harlem, Velvet Smooth) but also to create a narrative script treatment that followed a traditional three act structure. I felt it would make it easier to create an actual movie trailer and we would be able take snippets from those acts to show the progression of the character and make it feel like a legit attempt at a low budget movie rather than just a parody.

WATCH IT: OFF! "Wiped Out" (Richard Kern, dir.)

Skateboard and surf wipeouts, mosh pit makeouts, pretty alterna girls and a stripped-down punk performance. All you can really want from this video collaboration that matches the mighty thrash throwbacks OFF! with famed photographer Richard Kern. --> watch "Wiped Out"

OFF! "Wiped Out" (Vice)Richard Kern, director | Max Hull and John Wilson, skater footage | Transworld Surf, surf footage 

WATCH IT: Raveonettes "Heart Of Stone" (Chris Do, dir.)

What if Tim Burton directed an animated flick based on the artwork of Mark Ryden? It might look something like this Raveonettes video directed by Blind founder Chris Do. (PS: That comparison is a compliment.) --> watch "Heart Of Stone"