We Will Shoot You

Starita f/ Jarobi White "Rules" (Frank Door, dir.)

The video connects the stories of East and West Coast artists — White and Park from New York, and Starita from San Francisco (his adopted hometown). To pay homage to the late Phife Dawg and A Tribe Called Quest, Starita and Jarobi headed to St. Albans in Queens, visiting Malik “Phife Dawg” Taylor Way, ATCQ’s stomping grounds, for the video.

Cathedrals "OOO AAA" (Frank Door, dir.)

The San Franciscan synth-pop duo Cathedrals has had a good few weeks. In late February they dropped a self-titled EP, and capitalized on the hype with a series of buzzy sets at South by Southwest earlier this month. Now they’ve released a video for the dark, club-ready track “OOO AAA”.

“OOO AAA” fuses singer Brodie Jenkins’ gorgeous vocals with Johnny Hwin’s psychedelic guitar riffs, all while featuring a dense synth undercurrent. Nocturnal and moody, the “noir-inspired” video was partially filmed in Agape, a preserved historic mansion in San Francisco’s Mission district.

WOOF "Still Snørkeling" (Frank Door, dir.)

Shot on a sunny day in the Mission District [ SF ], Kyle gets into scuba mode with the camera following him from the front as the entire neighborhood becomes his pool party. WOOF rips from the Right Said Fred-"I'm too sexy for your party" assertion, eschewing the club trends of "molly", "turnt-up", to the production allegiances of  Diplo, Hemsworth, A-Trak. and onward.

Wallpaper. "Hesher" (Frank Door, dir.)

Why Go Dumb when you can go Hesher? Skewed hip-hop prankster Wallpaper aka Ricky Reed returns with a Grunge take on the Oakland Hyphy classic where the only thing you ghostride is the toilet. 

Frank Door, director: It’s a grimey DIY style video, booked only four days prior. It’s a standard Wallpaper video, only what usually takes 18 hours to do is condensed into six: moshing, pissing in water bottles, breaking shit, and RickyNovena spitting a half-High Life / half-water concoction into each other’s mouths.... #Hesher.