SHORT FILM: Valibation (Todd Strauss-Schulson, dir.)


Ever feel like your iPhone has become a part of you? The hero/victim in Valibation faces a uniquely literal version of that affliction, forcing him to stop living through his technolofy and start learning to love himself. And yes, that's a masturbation joke.

Director Todd Strauss-Schulson rocks the shortform in this slickly preoduced comedic homage to bad/awesome horror films, delivering lots of motion-control and off-kilter framings that elevate this way beyond a simple parody.

It's also a reminder that Strauss Schulson rarely does videos anymore — and he was recently tapped for a new Onion/Amazon series starring Jeffrey Tambor — so this may be as close we get for a while

Production Company
Director of Photography
Evan J. Rohde, Production Designer
Mario Torres Jr, Make-up Artist
Ingenuity Engine, Visual Effects
Gloo Studios, Visual Effects
Dustin Blackburn, Casting Director