All Time Low "Somewhere In Neverland" (Raul Gonzo, dir.)

All Time Low - Somewhere In Neverland Music Video

The video for 'Somewhere in Neverland' reaches into the trenches of the fantasy land that exists in RSM director Raul GonZo's brain. In a behind the scenes look about his handcrafted 'Neverland' GonZo says:

"The concept of Somewhere in Neverland came as I thought about where I might end up if I really could fly and tried to go to Neverland. I'd probably end up in the moon. I pitched the idea to ATL and we talked about how we didn't want to use hardly any visual effects. They loved the idea of it seeming all handmade/handcrafted. ATL has great sense of humor and so they were up for the spontaneity of it all.  It's hard to find bands that will trust a director to do things that I was allowed to do in this video."

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