The Wanted "Walks Like Rihanna" (Shane C. Drake, dir.)

The Wanted - Walks Like Rihanna

Mocking pop videos can make for a surefire hit video — just ask Blink-182 — and The Wanted look to have exactly that with "Walks Like Rihanna." No, there's no RiRi cameo or lampooning, but the Brit popstars have their way with "Bye Bye Bye," "I Want It That Way" and "Back For Good."

That may seem like sh*tting too close to where you eat — The Wanted are a pop boy band, after all — but what they're really mocking here is the video process filled with over-zealous and underqualified directors (not actual director Shane Drake!!) prodding bands into uncreative ideas.

Production Company
Independent Representative
Director of Photography
Executive Producer
Marisa Garner (UK), Representation
Skulley FX, Visual Effects