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Tom Swoon f/ Amba Shepperd "Not Too Late" (Michael Maxxis, dir.)

Tom Swoon feat. Amba Shepperd || Not Too Late || Dir. Cut

Director Michael Maxxis takes us to Tokyo...

Michael Maxxis, director: The concept of a chance encounter or two people being drawn to each other in a vast city was actually from Tom Swoon, the artist. The budget was really limited, so I proposed shooting in a city that would light the video on it's own: Tokyo... I went to Tokyo for 10 days, partied, met some people, and then staged the concept Tom Swoon and Ultra asked for... We wheeled a grocery dolly around the city for an entire night, with a kino diva, a sun gun, and a lens case on it, and shot this crew hanging out... I wanted it to be real and authentic, so we didn't cast. We took a week to find the people in the video, and they were all friends. It was actually one of Tokyo's local party photographers who hooked us up with access to all the locations and the cast. It was important not to overthink the idea... The most important thing was that this video was and felt real.

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