Spiritualized "I Am What I Am" (AG Rojas, dir.) [viewer discretion]

"I AM WHAT I AM" | Spiritualized

Director AG Rojas has discovered another America... Focusing on towns and people and situations you'd likely rather ignore, but need to be seen. "I Am What I Am" is set in Taft, CA, which he previously introduced us to via the short film "Cody," coincidentally shot in the immediate wake of a school shooting and concurrently with this piece. 

"I Am What I Am" stars Rory Culkin as a young man very much in need of transcendence. And he eventually achieves liftoff, but I don't know if it leads to a better place.

It's a powerful short film, even if it's likely a tough watch for most people, but one that needed to be seen.

Production Company
Director of Photography
Carmela Makela, Production Manager
MPC, Visual Effects
Ari Robbins, Steadicam Operator
James Tilett, Colorist