Drake "Worst Behavior" (Director X and Drake, dir.)

Drake ~ Worst Behavior

We open on the legendary Royal Willie Studios for some classic and classy soul sounds. And then we see those suave cats outside the studio, surrounded by the rougher reality of modern Memphis. "Cruel Intentions" tales several sharp turns like that — including a comedic break with two of Drake's cohorts doing "bizness" with Memphis rap titans Project Pat and Juicy J  — but each one adds to the overall vibe of this 10 minute workout.

And, ps: The moustache man in the first part of the video? That's Drake's dad.  

Director of Photography


Arnold Soko's picture
I was glued all 10 minutes of it. Love X's work.
Joseph Ngabo's picture
Yes! Love it! I love how there was a cinematic approach to this instead of just a quick 3-4 min video. Awesome!