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Meet NYC Punk Patrons Dennis and Lois in Elbow "NY Morning"

Elbow - New York Morning

There are fans and then there are superfans. Dennis and Lois are the latter variety, having dedicated their lives to rock 'n' roll. They've been patrons of the NYC music scene since the heyday of CBGBs punk and playing host to nearly every UK rock band to hit these shores. 

This Elbow video for "New York Morning" tells their story, taking us inside their home/museum and riding along as they drive past their old East Village haunts. It's a bittersweet tale since NYC is brutally Darwininan in its evolution; The weird and dangerous downtown scene has been replaced by something way more sanitized and stylish, so all Dennis and Lois have left are the memories and the memorabilia. Which is probably enough for them...

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