Fair Weather Friends "Fake Love" (Dawid Krepski, dir.)

Fair Weather Friends - Fake Love (Official Music Video)

Love, hate, murder. All of it engulfed by the oneiric atmosphere and dense, impermeable fog at an abandoned resort. This is the vibe of the Fake Love video.

„The script was inspired by murders committed by people closely related to the victim. Frequently such assailants experience short-term memory loss, not remembering at all the tragedy that took place several hours before”, explains Dawid Krepski, the author of the video.

Dawid Krepski is one of the most distinct directors of the young generation. To his credit he has music videos for major Polish artists such as: Hey „Co tam” and Monika Brodka „Kropki i kreski” and also for international artists like Igor Volk, Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs or Beca. He was nominated twice for the UK Music Video Awards for Volk’s videos: „Labirynth” and „Voice” and he was nominated for the best music video at Camerimage Festival 2013 for the Hey video. The rest of the crew is Michal Pukowiec, DP, Ewa Solecka and Agata Lepacka (Lochoho), production design, Katarzyna Joda, leading role, and Magdalena Gaca, the executive producer.

Director of Photography
Executive Producer