Dawid Krepski

Dave Gahan & Soulsavers "All of This and Nothing" (fourclops ::), dir.)

Just when you thought Jem had ruined "holograms" for all eternity, along comes this awesome clip for Depeche Mode and production crew Soulsavers. "All of This and Nothing" is the first ever hologram video, although it does require some work on your part if you want to watch it in all of 3D glory. But, if you've got some useless CD jewel cases (don't we all?), scissors, and a little bit of dexterity, you can check out this handy guide to build your own prismatic hologram viewer and watch this come to life.

Or you can be lazy and just buy a premade HoloGram Pyramid... Or you can just watch the video as-is and imagine how much amazing it'd be as a hologram.

Fair Weather Friends "Fake Love" (Dawid Krepski, dir.)

Love, hate, murder. All of it engulfed by the oneiric atmosphere and dense, impermeable fog at an abandoned resort. This is the vibe of the Fake Love video.

„The script was inspired by murders committed by people closely related to the victim. Frequently such assailants experience short-term memory loss, not remembering at all the tragedy that took place several hours before”, explains Dawid Krepski, the author of the video.