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PLASTIC "I Want U" (Dawid Krepski, dir.)


The music video for Plastic’s “I Want U” is an homage to, classic animations such as Beatles “Yellow Submarine” or the “The Wall” by Pink Floyd.

Director Dawid Krępski takes us on a colourful and intriguing journey through the world of imagination and subconsciousness filled with pop culture symbols. 

The whole experience has been created in a traditional and very laborious animation process. The band has been featured by using the technique of rotoscoping - manually creating each frame based on footage. Over 1500 hand-drawn frames which were then scanned and digitally coloured, have been used in the video.




Dawid Krępski, who is behind Plastic’s latest video clip, is one of the most interesting and expressive Polish visual creators of the young generation. 

His portfolio includes productions for Polish music artists (the band Hey’s video clip for the single Co Tam? and Kropki i kreski by Monika Brodka) as well as video clips for international alternative music artists (Igor Volk, Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs and Beca). Dawid has been nominated twice to the prestigious UK Music Video Awards and also for best music video on Camerimage 2013 festival. 





Plastic is a band as well as a production duo who has been sending their own musical message for many years. 

Their music is a truly eclectic kind of alternative dance pop. 

Plastic style brings together acoustic and electronic sounds, both contemporary and vintage. 


Plastic formed: Agnieszka Burcan (vocal, keyboards, programming, producer. 

She’s the composer of all Plastic songs),

and Paweł Radziszewski (guitars, bass guitar, sound engineer, producer). 


“I Want U” is Plastic’s new single: a fresh, catchy and slightly uncanny tune which moves your heart and feet. The single comes from Plastic’s third studio album “Living In The iWorld”. It has also been released on an EP together with 9 thrilling remixes by independent young bands and DJs.


Links to the latest album and EP: 






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