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The And "Fade in Time" (Dawid Krepski, dir.)

The And - Fade in time

Fading, loneliness, unknown outskirts of Mind and Universe. This is the launch of the exceptional music video by The And.

The “Fade in time” video is an archetypical journey beyond the horizon. Raw and ascetic images channel the most iconic moments in film and comics. But they also lead the viewer on his path through his own imagination. - You really can’t ask for a better platform for this new production than Off Plus Camera as it is a perfect display for independent cinema and Dawid Krępski’s video is nothing else than a short independent film - says The And’s lead singer Rejsel.

Dawid Krępski is one of the boldest directors of his generation. He produced videos for polish artists such as Hey, Brodka, Fair Weather Friends, Plastic. But he also worked for artists from other countries, including Igora Volka, Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs and Beca. Krępski was nominated twice for the prestigeous UK Music Video Awards for his videos for Igora Volka (“Labyrinth", „Voice"), while his collaboration with the band Hey was nominated for The Best Music Video at the Camerimige Festival in 2013.

The song ‘’Fade in time’’ will headline The And’s soon to be released new material. This is also the first track since the band was joined by a new member, a guitarist Piotr Rubik. His input influenced the group’s electronic style and pushed it into a more acoustic direction. The trio now succesfully combines perfecionist music production, touching lyrics and fresh rock attitude.


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